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Grateful | Salt & Light Series

  1. Anita says:

    Keep letting God’s light shine through you Jami – great message, touched my heart!!

  2. Beth Vogel says:

    I love that you’re starting a Salt & Light series on your blog. And love, love, love that you put the video that I shared with you on here. I can’t take the credit for sharing it with you, though… God TOLD me when I watched that to make sure you saw it, too… hence the random “check out the video I just posted” text that day. So glad to have you as a new friend who shares my love of Christ (and oils, lol). :)

  3. Dana says:

    Thank you for starting this series!

  4. MOM says:

    I didn’t know you started this series!!!! Keep up the great work and Anita is right!!!

    Love, you

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