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Sundays are for Family | Personal

  1. Stacey Montefusco says:

    Jami I am so glad to read that you have made this decision. You and your family have spent so much time apart and you deserve to be together. Military families give up so much so I know that your clients will understand. Your dad and I are so happy to have Kyle home and that you and Aubree can enjoy him! Anyone reading this should have been on the other end of our phone call. I was heading home from work when you called me and was sobbing that you and Aubree did not have him home with the two of you very much. That broke my heart and also hearing you cry with such sadness made me sad for you – not only as your mother but as your friend. I am so proud of the strong marriage that you and Kyle have and I am proud of Kyle serving our country! Enjoy your time on Sunday’s and have no regret. FAMILY ALWAYS COMES FIRST!!! LOVE ALWAYS, MOM!!!

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