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Family Day|Personal

  1. Mom and Dad says:

    Jami and Kyle – you are already great parents!!!! Always spend as much time with her as you can. One day those little feet wont be pitter pattering on the hardwood floors. . . . it will be your feet that you hear and thinking back – where did time go? Did I spend quality time with her? Could I have done anything different? Will she tell her children that we were great parents? Will she teach her children things that we taught her? We know she will. We see the love you both have for her and we are so very proud of you both. Take care of our grand baby!!!!!!! Love, Mum Mum and Pappy!!!

  2. Jami! Great family session!! You have a gorgeous new little girl!! Your husband even nailed those shots of you and your sweet girl!! Would love to connect with you! We have lots in common by reading your about me post! I found you through J+A’s blog!

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