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Fitness Journey Week 1 | Mom Gut Series

  1. i want to join! I’ve had a lot of changes lately and haven’t been able to stick to my plan of getting back to the gym and eating better!

  2. Jessica Hubbard says:

    I would love to join in with ya’ll!

  3. Briana Russo says:

    I “LOVE” goal #5 and I would love to join! Thanks for sharing

  4. Christina Abel says:

    I’m in!!! are we going to that personal trainer?

  5. Sarah Nolan says:

    Oh Lady! I need this. I don’t really care about losing weight per say, but I need to TONE like no other. I’m soft and nasty. ugh. My husband doesn’t want me to lose me boobs though. lol My goal would have to be inches off my arms, waist and upper/inner thighs and bikini by summer.

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