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Permission to Vulnerability | Salt & Light Series

  1. Sarah says:

    Ohhhhh, girl, all I want to do is bring you flowers and cry with you. What a heart-breaking and heart-wrenching experience. I can only imagine how you hoped for this baby and then grieved for this baby, because even an honest blog post can’t make us feel what you feel now. All my love and all my prayers go out to you. What an amazing testimony you now have of your faith and trust in God, and of His amazing promises. Thank you for being so open and vulnerable. I have a personality much like yours: happy, bubbly, colorful, fun-loving, and full of laughs. However, I’ve never tried to be vulnerable. I’m a people-pleaser, which causes me to put on a façade in an effort to make people like me. Because, if I’m real with people, I fear that they’ll judge and reject me. But, today, you have taught me a new way. A REAL way. The right way. How can we have real lives and real love and real faith if we’re not REAL?! Or honest. Or vulnerable. Thank you so much, Jami. You’re a beautiful woman inside and out.

    Love in Christ,
    Your sister in Christ

  2. Stacey Montefusco says:

    Jami, I wanted to be there for you but you just didn’t let me in. I wanted to hold you while you cried. I am crying as I write this to you. You are such a gracious woman and I am so proud of you. Your writing is very comforting to anyone who has suffered a loss such as yours. Kyle is a great husband and father and men tend to deal with things differently than women do. We are much more sensitive and caring and you wear your heart on your sleeve. You have always been such a giver, lover and kind to many. Your RAINBOW baby is coming and I have prayed for that little sweetheart also. As you know, when MOM prays for her girls – it happens!!!! God is so amazing and I know that you and Kyle and Aubree will have that precious bundle. Keep the faith – love the Lord and know that he takes care of you. Always in my prayers. . . . Love you – MOM

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