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Ten Things About Me

  1. Donnetta Clarkr says:


    I am so happy for you and all that your future has in store. I remember how you used to stress in your previous job and I am glad we were able to occasionally speak about things. Keep dreaming and reaching for the stars. It is yours for the taking.


    • Jami says:

      Thank you so much, Donnetta! You of all people knew how much stress I was under and you helped me realize I needed to leave that job — and thank God you did because now I have this beautiful job and love it more than anything!!!

  2. Stacey Montefusco says:

    Jami, I cannot wait until the next time I get in your Tahoe! I am going to turn the radio stations and freak you out. One of the things that I would love to do over again and that is to read to you more often as a child and watch I Love Lucy with you. You are beautiful as you are so do not stress with your weight. Anyone reading this please know that Jami loves what she does and puts her heart into every session!

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